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Common Sports Injuries in the FallSports injuries are generally a result of direct impact, overuse or due to applying force that is greater than what a particular part of your body can withstand, structurally. Awkward falls or sudden movements can also cause sports injuries, and some of these tend to turn chronic as the same joints or muscle groups are used repeatedly.

There are hundreds of different kinds of sports injuries. However, some parts of the body are more likely to get injured while indulging in any physical activity. From tennis and soccer to football and running, organized and individual sports activities are critical to any healthy lifestyle. But they can also result in common sports injuries that require attention, either at home or at the doctor, to heal properly.

Here are some of the common sports injuries in the Fall to look out for.

  • Runner’s Knee– most knee injuries are categorized as “runner’s knee.” It covers many kneecap-related pains and aches. To prevent this, replace insoles and shoes regularly. Choose a soft running surface like an indoor-track instead of concrete pavement. Weight train for stronger quadriceps and always rest between workouts.
  • Ankle sprains– these are extremely common among basketball, volleyball and soccer players and are an inseparable part of any sport that involves running, jumping or turning quickly. Ligament tears or damage are common and can be very painful. Ankle lifts help strengthen the ankles and wearing a lace-up brace, or even taping can help in relieving ankle pain.
  • Pulled muscle– fatigue, weakness, lack of flexibility and not warming up appropriately can lead to a muscle pull in athletes. The hamstrings are the most common muscles that tend to get pulled, especially in sports such as soccer, jogging and basketball. Warming up and warming down is extremely helpful in preventing a muscle pull and never work out when you are feeling weak or fatigued.
  • Golf or tennis elbow– repeated arm movement such as those that take place in tennis and golf lead to degeneration of the elbow tissue and leads to radiating pain in the arm as well and the inside and the outside of the elbow can be affected. Forearm strengthening exercises such as reverse wrist curls and wrist curls help in preventing this ailment.
  • Shoulder injury– shoulder sprains, dislocations and strains are common in sports such as swimming, weightlifting, volleyball and tennis. As a matter of fact, any sport that incorporates a lot of overhead movements can lead to a shoulder pain. Strengthen the muscles with weight training sessions.

Common Sports Injuries in the FallAbrasions¬†are perhaps some of the most common sports injuries and can result from a fall on a hard surface. As an athlete slides or falls on the ground, the friction from the fall causes layers of skin to rub off. For cyclists, these abrasions are often referred to as “road rash” and are caused by a bike crash.

Sports and injuries go hand-in-hand, and most injuries are caused due to an improper stretching routine or warm-up session, increasing the intensity of a workout can also lead to an injury.

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