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How Do You Get Over Shoulder Surgery?If you have a procedure looming on the horizon, you are probably asking yourself: how do you get over shoulder surgery? If this sounds familiar, know that you’re not alone. Many people feel anxiety and uncertainty over upcoming operations. The good news is that our team here at Great Lakes Orthopaedics is here to help.

If you are preparing for an upcoming shoulder surgery, stay tuned as this blog post is covering everything you need to know. From what to expect to ways you can ease the recovery process, here is a complete guide on post-shoulder surgery. Should you have any questions that remain unanswered after reading, get in touch with our top Garden City orthopaedic surgeons for more help.

What Happens After Shoulder Surgery?

How Do You Get Over Shoulder Surgery?Upon the completion of your shoulder surgery, expect to remain in the recovering room for at least another hour. Nurses will monitor your responsiveness and give you pain medication if needed. Afterward, you will need to find someone to drive you home.

Typically, we recommend that a loved one stays with you overnight. That way, they can help you prepare meals, ensure that you’re comfortable, and assist with anything else you might need. Keep in mind you will likely be wearing a sling around your arm.

While you’re recovering at home, an ice pack can help reduce your inflammation and/or pain. If you don’t have one, a bag of frozen peas will also do the trick in a pinch. For optimal results, ice the injured shoulder for roughly 20 minutes every few hours. After the first few days, a heating pad may also soothe your pain.

If the pain becomes intolerable, your doctor may prescribe you pain medication. Know that bruising, stiffness, and swelling are all normal side effects of the healing process, and over-the-counter drugs like Advil or Ibuprofen can help you manage the discomfort.

What You’ll Need After Shoulder Surgery

How Do You Get Over Shoulder Surgery?To ensure your recovery process goes smoothly, here are a few basic items that we recommend having at home after your surgery:

  • Detachable showerhead. After a shoulder surgery, you will likely need to keep the incision dry for some time. For that reason, a detachable showerhead can be incredibly useful for showering without accidentally getting your incision wet.
  • Shower chair. A shower chair minimizes your risk of falling, which is helpful post-surgery, especially because certain pain medications tend to make you drowsy or dizzy.
  • Waterproof bandages. Some people prefer to cover their incision with a waterproof bandage to prevent it from getting wet. You could also use a plastic bag secured with athletic tape if needed.
  • Pump soap. Using liquid soap that comes from a bottle with a pump makes showering with one arm easier during your recovery time.


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Looking for more tips on how to get over shoulder surgery? Don’t worry, our team here at Great Lakes Orthopaedics will guide you through the recovery process. We offer orthopaedic shoulder treatment options for patients with even the most complex diagnosis. Contact our team for more information on how we can help you enjoy a full range of motion again.

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