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What is the Best Sleeping Position for Knee PainPeople don’t often think about the position they sleep in, until one day they find pronounced knee pain precluding their otherwise perfect sleep. If you’ve recently had an injury or are struggling with chronic pain, it can be especially difficult to find comfort in your bed. With some adjustments, however, you can find the best position to find quality sleep without inflicting additional pain on your knee.

Sleeping with Knee Pain

Sleeping with knee pain can be complicated, and if you’ve recently had knee surgery, navigating sleep with a large brace can add additional difficulties. To alleviate knee pain, you should try to fall asleep on your back, with the injured leg elevated slightly on a pillow. This will not only provide an extra cushion of comfort for the knee, but the elevation will reduce the presence of any swelling as you sleep throughout the night.

If you experience knee stiffness, you should try to keep your knee straight while sleeping. For individuals who have recently undergone knee surgery like ACL construction, you should have been provided a brace for this purpose. Keeping the knee straight after injury supports the joint during recovery and may help maintain a better range of motion after the brace is removed.

Summary: Sleeping with Knee Pain

While sleeping with knee pain is never ideal, there are certain positions you can try to alleviate discomfort and experience a restorative full night’s sleep. For knee pain specifically, it is advised to sleep on your back with the injured leg elevated on a pillow, and to keep the leg straightened if the knee is stiff. If you experience extreme pain in the middle of the night, this may be a sign of a larger medical issue, and you should see your physician as soon as possible.

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