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What are the Advantages of Anterior Hip Replacement? Anterior hip replacement is an increasingly popular surgical approach to achieving total hip replacement. Anterior hip replacement is a procedure that removes damaged joints in the hip and substitutes them with new, artificial parts which mimic the function of the normal hip joint. For patients with arthritis or injury, anterior hip replacement is a surgical option which can decrease recovery time, improve pain management, and allow the individual to return to their independent life quicker.

How is Anterior Hip Replacement Different from Traditional Hip Replacement?

Traditional hip replacement typically involves a posterior surgical approach, meaning the surgeon uses an incision on the back of the hip to access the hip joint. Through this method of surgery, the doctor must also cut through several muscles and soft tissue to access the joint. This allows the surgeon for greater ease of visualizing the entire joint but can increase recovery time and pain for the patient post-surgery.

Anterior hip replacement is different in that the main incision for the procedure is made at the front of the hip, from the top of the pelvic bone down to the top of the thigh. By performing surgery in this way, your doctor can avoid cutting major muscles and work between the few muscles that exist at the front of the hip. By limiting the need for muscle repair, patients can both recover faster and return to bending and bearing weight on their hips sooner than patients who take the posterior approach. Anterior hip replacement may also require less medication to manage post-operative pain.

Key Benefits of Anterior Hip Replacement:

As indicated above, there are several key benefits of anterior hip replacement over traditional posterior hip replacement, including:

  • Faster recovery time
  • Quicker return to bending and weight-bearing.
  • Less post-operative pain.
  • Decreased likelihood for dislocation post-surgery, as preserving the soft tissue and muscles around the hip naturally reduces the risk of this complication.
  • Shorter hospital stays.

What are the Advantages of Anterior Hip Replacement? While anterior hip surgery offers many benefits, you should consult with your orthopedist to determine which surgical strategy is best for you.

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