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4 Tips For Returning To Sports After a Shoulder InjuryShoulder injuries can be painful and wildly inconvenient, especially for athletes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the question we get asked most often after shoulder injuries is how long they will take to recover. Because they require adequate recovery time, getting back in the game looks a little different for each patient.

The amount of time between shoulder surgery and returning to sports after a shoulder injury depends on the severity of your injury and the activity you’re hoping to return to. Our specialists at Great Lakes Orthopaedics are sharing some of our top tips for returning to sports after a shoulder injury to help you on your healing journey.

  1. Find a Sports Medicine Specialist

The best and quickest way to get back in the game is working alongside a sports medicine specialist. Sports medicine specialists are able to look at your injuries and craft personalized recovery plans that are tailored to your needs. Essentially, this is the way to ensure a prompt, safe, and pain-free return to athletics.

Our talented team here at Great Lakes Orthopaedics offers comprehensive health services for both athletic and non-athletic injuries. We provide individualized plans to help you return to sports and/or improve your performance safely and efficiently, paving the way for the long-term results.

  1. Slowly Rebuild Your Strength and Intensity

Whether your shoulder injury required surgery or not, it probably caused some muscle strain that is going to take time to build back. After a shoulder injury, rebuilding your previous strength and mobility requires determination and patience.

Instead of jumping right back into your routine and risking another injury, we recommend easing yourself into things. Working with a physical therapist to rebuild your strength is a great idea and you can easily commit to little bits at a time as your therapist sees fit.

  1. Don’t Forget To Warm Up (And Cool Down)

Let’s be honest. At one point or another, we’ve all skipped the warm-up part of our workout. While this is fairly common, you’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping this essential part of exercise. This is especially true if you’re recovering from an injury.

To prevent further damage to your shoulder, you should begin any sport or activity with an easy warm-up routine that incorporates low-intensity exercise. Then, when the game or activity is over, practice some more as a cool-down after your workout to prevent muscle strain or tearing.

  1. Try Your Best To Stay Active

4 Tips For Returning To Sports After a Shoulder InjuryThe fourth tip for returning to sports after a shoulder injury is trying your best to stay active. While you’re waiting for your shoulder to heal, you could take regular walks, practice yoga, or participate in low-intensity training activities.

A great way to prevent future shoulder injuries is to strengthen the surrounding muscles. While you’re recovering, it’s never a bad idea to ask your sports medicine specialist what sort of exercises you can safely perform at home.

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If you’re suffering from a shoulder injury, we understand your pain. Oftentimes, it can be unbearable, and our team here at Great Lakes Orthopaedics will do everything we can to safely get you back in the game.

If you’re experiencing shoulder pain, visit our website. Here at Great Lakes Orthopaedics, we use minimally invasive techniques that are designed to prompt a faster healing time and minimal pain. Contact our team today to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.

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