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Canton Thank you Canton, for welcoming Great Lakes Orthopedics to your vibrant community of Canton, and we look forward to contribute our extensive expertise in shoulder surgery and knee surgery to the people of Canton.

Sports injuries are a way of life to many of us, especially in a vibrant and active community like Canton.

Most sports injuries affect two joints in particular; the knee and the shoulder. We at Great Lakes Orthopedics Canton take great pride in being the absolute best in diagnosing and treating problems with these two targeted joints.

Due to their dynamic nature, sports injuries require specialized methods of treatment; whether you’re a weekend warrior or a high school, college or professional athlete, you need to see a doctor with the highest level of training and experience in sports medicine available in your community.

Our shoulder surgeons and knee surgeons at Great Lakes Orthopedics Canton take a team approach in helping you return to your favorite sports and activities. We are trained in the treatment and care of sports-related injuries and conditions such as torn ligaments, torn cartilage, joint instability, muscle weakness, sprains, fractures, and joint degradation due to arthritis.

The demand we place on our joints can result in severe joint pain and discomfort, and joint replacement may be the only viable solution to permanently reducing or eliminating joint pain.

Of course a total joint replacement is a last resort if there is some integrity to the damaged joint. Regardless, our team of skilled shoulder and knee surgeons at Great Lakes Orthopedics in Canton will quickly diagnose the condition and then present you with available options in plain English.

Annually in the United States, more than 13 million people seek medical care for shoulder problems. As the most movable joint in the body, the shoulder can also be the most unstable. Unlike a true ball-and-socket joint, such as the hip, the shoulder sits like a golf ball on a tee, which makes it very dependent on the surrounding ligaments, muscles and tendons to hold it in place and stable.

Given that the ball of the upper arm is larger than the shoulder socket that holds it, the shoulder joint is easily injured.

CantonOur team at Great Lakes Orthopedics in Canton have broad experience in the diagnosis and treatment of a full spectrum of conditions that affect the shoulder. Whether the pain and/or stiffness are a result of a sports-related injury, manual labor and repetitive activities, or a degenerative condition, our surgeons stay abreast of the latest technical advances in surgical technique and minimally-invasive options to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date care for problems affecting the shoulder.

What’s the most common reason to visit an orthopedic surgeon?

Knee problems.

The knee is made up of many components that are very susceptible to a variety of injury; comprised of four bones, the knee is surrounded by muscles that allow for movement, ligaments that provide stability and a cartilage structure that protects the joint and allows the bones to slide freely against each other.

Our team of knee surgeons at Great Lakes Orthopedics in Canton have trained alongside the best arthroscopic surgeons in the country, and many are leaders in the field of shoulder and knee replacement procedures, making our team at Great Lakes Orthopedics in Canton one of the most widely-respected providers in the field.

No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or otherwise, we welcome the chance to serve you.


What Our Patients Say About Us

The staff and Dr. W are the best. They do not leave you waiting like most doctors. Very caring and professional. Dr. W is top notch when it comes to the knee and various treatments. The only ortho I will see now.

Thank you for all the wonderful care I received before and after surgery. Everyone was super. Thank you again.

Dr. Walkiewicz has successfully repaired sports injuries for my sons, for which we are very thankful. He is an excellent surgeon, with a professional, caring staff. I would highly recommend him to anyone with orthopedic problems.

I was out at 900 from my 830 appt. with a perfect explanation of my condition, a cortisone shot that made me feel 100% better and a smile on my face from the office staff. Made me feel totally comfortable. Thanks for the Great job today!

Our orthopedic surgeons perform more than 1,000 orthopedic surgeries each year

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